Thank You !

Thanks you so much to all my friends, family and fans who are helping spread the word about the new album. Special thanks to the Radio stations who have come on board to play my new songs! From the Commercial stations and non-comm stations, who take a big risk going against the grain and playing an indie artist like myself, to the college stations who keep it real and play what they like; Thank you all very much for the support.

Commercial and non-comm Stations playing “Jumpin at Shadows”

  KCSN 88.5 Los Angeles CA

– WBJB 90.5 Lincroft, NJ

  WBSD 89.1 Burlington, WI

  WMVY 88.7 Vineyard Haven, MA

  KRVO 103.1 Kalispell, MT

  WNCS 104.7 Montpellier, VT

  WYEP 91.3 Pittsburgh, PA

  KINK  101.9 Portland, OR

  KXCI 91.3 Tucson, AZ

  WLKR 95.3 Milan, OH

  KBAC 98.1 Santa Fe, NM   

  KBCS 91.3 Bellevue, WA

  KRVM 91.9 Eugene, OR 

– WORT 89.9 Madison, WI

– KDNK 88.1 Carbondale, CO

College Radio playing the Album

– WCVF Fredonia, NY

– KPUR Boxer Radio, Forest Gove

– WAUG Rock Island, IL

– WRFS Savannah, GA

– KWTS Canyon, TX

– KMNR Rolla, MO

– KRUA Anchorage, AK

– KAOS Olympia, WA

– KBVR Corvalis, OR

– WIPZ Kenosha, WA

– WRFM Montco, Radio Blue Bell PA

– WUDR Dayton, OH

– WERW Syracuse, NY

– WFCS New Britain, CT

– WMUR Milwaukee, WI

– UMSL Student Radio St Louis, MO

– WPVM Asheville, NC

– WORT 89.9 Madison, WI

– WPPJ Pittsburgh, PA

– WPTS Pittsburgh, PA

– WIUP Indiana, PA

– WMHC South Hadley, MA

– WMUC College, Park MD

– WGMU Fairfax, VA

– WDWN Auburn, NY

– WECI Richmond, IN

– WCWM Williamsburg, VA

– WAWM- HD West Allis 

– KZOW Forest City, IA

– WXIN Providence, RI

– WSKR Spinnaker Radio Jacksonville, FL

– WSIN New Haven CT

– KMUD Redway, CA

– KSLU-1 St Louis MO

– KOTO Telluride, CO

– KMSA Grand Junction, CO

– KWRS Spokane, WA

– WRIR Richmond, VA

– WSWI Evansville IN

– KXZY Stillwater, OK

– KWCR Ogden, UT

– WOZQ Northampton, MA

– WVCW Richmond, VA

– KCPR San Louis Obispo

– CHYZ Québec City

– WAMH Amherst, MA

– WAWL Chattanooga TN

– WBIM Bridgewater, MA

– WBOR Brunswick, ME

– KZUU Pullman, WA

– KANM College Station, TX

– KWCW Walla Walla, WA

– KSDB Manhattan, KS

– KPSU Portland, OR

– KMHD2 Gresham, OR

– WSIA Staten Island NY

– WXJM Harrisonburg, VA

– KCOU Columbia, MO

– WXAC Reading, PA

– KSTO  Northfield, MN

– WSCS New London, NH

– WRKC Wikes-Barre, PA

– WSHC Sheperdstown, WV

– WRUW Cleveland, OH

– WVUR Valparaiso, IN

– WTSC Potsdam, NY

– WVFI Notre Dame, IN

– WCCX Waukesha, WI

– WCFM Williamstown, MA

– WDCE Richmond, VA

– WECB Boston, MA

– WHFR Dearborn, MI

– WMHD Terre Haute, IN

– WMPG Portland, ME

– WLFR Galloway, NJ

– WLJS Jacksonville, AL

– WRBC Lewiston, ME

– WOUB Athens, OH

– WIIT Chicago, IL

– WNYO Oswego, NY

– WOBC Oberlin, OH

– KSJD Cortez, CO

– KBMF Butte, MO

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